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The second-largest island in the Mediterranean and an autonomous region of Italy, the island of Sardinia has a beautiful natural landscape of rocky coves and white sandy beaches, picturesque headlands and dense woodland inhabited by golden eagles, deer, wild horses and many species of birds.

A nature lover's paradise, Sardinia is an ideal spot for walking, climbing, diving and bird-watching. Significant archaeological sites include the fascinating Nuragic monuments scattered throughout the region. These mysterious stone towers were constructed by an ancient civilisation to signify strength and power. Most notable is the Barumini complex in the Cagliari region to the south, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. 

With 135 days of sunshine, over 6,000 hectares of nature reserves, natural lakes and salt-water lagoons, fresh seafood like Catalan rock lobster, scampi, bottarga and squid, Sardinia is a wonderful place to explore.

You can lap up the sunshine with a holiday to Alghero in the north of Sardinia or Cagliari in the south of Sardina. 

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Top Resorts in Sardynia Południowa

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